See the very same monthly statement information in a smarter way. Quick, easy e-statements save time and trees — all while cutting down on your clutter. Choose the environmentally friendly, electronic alternative to traditional paper statements.

e-statements are even more secure — less subject to tampering than statements by mail. And get notified instantly when your e-statement is available, no delays in delivery. So why wouldn't you make the switch? After all, e-statements are free!

e-statements Essentials:

  • Free, anytime online statement availability
  • Easily access current and past statements through online banking
  • Must be enrolled in online banking to receive e-statements
  • Statements archived for up to 90 days
  • Instant notification when your statement is ready
  • Completely paperless, environmentally friendly
  • More secure than statements by mail
  • Plus, you can always print a hard copy as necessary