Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit


Save time and money when you save a trip across town — deposit checks into your business accounts, straight from your office! Scan checks with your desktop scanner in seconds. Our secure site displays the account to which your deposit will be credited — multiple account options available.

Your checks are automatically scanned, totaled, and balanced. Simply confirm the amount and approve the deposit. Then get back to however you'd rather spend your workday — a longer lunch, more precious moments at home, or time to work at a more comfortable pace.

Remote Deposit Capture Essentials:

  • Deposit checks electronically into your business accounts
  • Save time on an unnecessary trip to the bank
  • Consolidate checks from multiple locations
  • Set up access levels for employees to maintain internal security
  • No deposit slips necessary
  • Secure, sophisticated technology
  • Reliable, easy-to-use scanning equipment
  • Competitive monthly service charge
  • Application approval subject to under-writing review